Travel safely with Dears pharmacy
Our Edinburgh and Fife travel clinics offers a wide range of travel services including vaccinations, medication and advice. Click on a service below to learn more about it, find your nearest Dears Pharmacy or book an appointment.
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repeat prescriptions in the palm of your hand
Skip the calls, the queues, and the repeated GP visits and get it taken care of by your local Dears Pharmacy.
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Take charge of your health with a blood test
It isn’t always easy to detect underlying health issues. Whether you have noticed changes in how you feel or are just curious about what’s happening inside your body, we have the test for you.
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Wecome to Dears Pharmacy

providing healthcare services across Edinburgh & Fife

Community Pharmacy

At Dears Pharmacy we put the community at the heart of pharmacy and pharmacy at the heart of the community. We provide personalised, tailored pharmaceutical care to the people who use our pharmacies and dispense both medicines and healthcare advice tailored to meet their specific needs.

Your First Port Of Call

We offer an accessible and approachable first port of call for healthcare advice in the communities where our patients live. We invest in our communities, building relationships with local healthcare organizations, businesses and supporting local charities in their work.

Offering a wide range of healthcare services in the community

Our pharmacists and their teams provide a wide range of healthcare services both in branch and online:

Our Prescription Lockers are safe, prescription collection machines that store your prescription ready for you to collect whenever it is convenient for you.

Never miss and dose with PillPouch powered by Dears Pharmacy. Your medicines in a simple handy pouch and delivered for FREE across Scotland.

Customer survice is important to us

We’re proud of the feedback our customers give us so we’ve shared it with you here: