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Dears Pharmacy

Our Mission

Dears Pharmacy and Travel Clinic exists to help our patients and our communities live healthier lives. We do this by providing professional, safe, reliable medicines supply both on prescription and over the counter with the advice you need to get the best from your medicines. We also strive to meet your other healthcare needs by offering a range of over 130 clinical services and products throughout Edinburgh and Fife. Our highly trained pharmacist clinicians and their teams are constantly updating their knowledge and skill to provide the highest standards of care right where you need it, where you live. 

Our beginning

 We are an independent company and have been family owned since 1990 when Barrie Dear established the company. In 2019 Mahyar Nickkho-Amiry MRPharmS took majority ownership of the company and together the two families continue to work hard to care for our patients.

We now have locations throughout Edinburgh and Fife and growing we are expanding so that we can deliver our unique care to a wider population.

Meet Mahyar and Sara (image needs replacing)

Dears healthCare

Dears Pharmacy family Group

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Our Prescription Lockers are safe, prescription collection machines that store your prescription ready for you to collect whenever it is convenient for you.

Never miss and dose with PillPouch powered by Dears Pharmacy. Your medicines in a simple handy pouch and delivered for FREE across Scotland.

Some important information:

Head office address:

Barrie Dear Limited T/A Dears Pharmacy,
67 Bank Street,

Superintendent pharmacist:

Mahyar Nickkho-Amiry (2054727)

Premises registration number:


registrated Owner:

Barrie Dear Limited