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Your Guide to Covid-19 Testing

Covid testing is a complicated affair these days, firstly there are all the different types of tests, then which countries need then and which don’t and on what days, so here at Dears Pharmacy we have decided to keep it simple with the name of the test, why you need and if you have anymore questions or are unsure on which to book, please drop us a line or come into one of the branches and our professional team will be able to help.

Fit to Fly PCR Testing for the Leaving the UK

You may need a PCR test for Covid-19 if you are planning to travel abroad from the United Kingdom. As restrictions on travel are gradually lifted, many destination countries require a medical certificate showing proof of a negative test result for Covid-19, either to gain entry or to avoid the need to quarantine. Please check your destination country requirements for the type of test required and the time window during which you need to take it before departure.

We offer two Test types, priced accordingly: 

  • Same Day Pre-Flight PCR – results by midnight for a cost of £129 per test.
  • Next day results Pre-Flight PCR – results by midnight the day after the test for a cost of £99 per test.

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Rapid Antigen Nasal Testing Service

An antigen test indicates presence, of the virus in an individual. This test is suited to early identification of the virus being present, assisting the reduction of it spreading, and helping to provide peace of mind for an individual, on receipt of a negative result.

Pricing: £49.00 per person

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Rapid Antigen Saliva Testing Service

Our simple to use, cost-effective, testing solution, to let you identify current infection in real time on a regular basis. The test uses a saliva sample, so no more invasive nasopharyngeal swabs, making it incredibly easy to both administer and receive, and gives your easy-to-read result in just 15 minutes.

Pricing: £39.00 per person

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COVID Antibody Testing Service

Knowing whether you have protective antibodies is more important than ever. The strength of the positive line on your test can vary and some can be quite faint. but the strength of your line does correlate to the amount of antibodies in your blood and even a faint line means there are detectable levels of neutralising antibodies, giving you a 50% reduced risk of suffering severe symptoms.

Pricing: £32.95 per person

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Suffering from COVID symptoms:

If you suspect that you may have Covid-19, but only mild symptoms or potential exposure to someone with Covid-19, we recommend that you book a PCR test and, in line with NHS advice, self-isolate for 7 days from when symptoms started. If you live with others you should self-isolate for 14 days from when the first person in the house became ill.

There is no need to call NHS 111 to self-isolate. However, if symptoms have not improved after 14 days, contact NHS 111 online or by phone. If your symptoms worsen at any point please call 111. If you are struggling with your breathing please call 999. Tests are currently only being offered by the NHS to patients who are being admitted to hospital and some NHS frontline staff and some key workers. This leaves many people with uncertainty about the best course of action for their own health.


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